Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Want to win an extra £200?

Refer a friend and enter our exclusive draw!

Want to help our community raise more money AND get an extra chance to win on Horsham District Community Lottery? If you refer a friend to Horsham District Community Lottery and they buy a ticket, we will give you and your friend a free entry into our exclusive referral rewards draw where you can win a £200 Amazon gift voucher.

You get one entry into the draw for every person you successfully refer, so the more people you refer the better your chances of winning!

How to refer (in 3 easy steps)

  1. Select the cause you wish to refer below
  2. Copy your unique referral URL and send it to someone you know
  3. If that person uses your link to sign up and purchase a ticket, you will BOTH get a free entry into the referral rewards draw.
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